Another win for Obama

By gregebersole

November 7, 2012

Category: Travel

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This was the front page story in El País this morning on President Obama’s re-election last night. The Cali newspaper devoted a front page main photo and story on the win and also 5 complete pages inside. Even though the results were late here, they managed to put together an impressive package. Last night, I watched the results on tv until about midnight. I’m feeling good about the results. I don’t like everything that Obama has done as President, but I definitely think that he was the better choice. Romney favored the rich and didn’t have much of an agenda planned, except to get rid of a lot of the things that Obama managed to get accomplished to help the common person. Romney told many untruths, especially about things he had said or done previously. He also seemed to start saying things and moving closer to Obama’s positions on things as the campaign neared an end. I think he was willing to say about anything if he thought it would help him win. With him, I feared that he would involve the US militarily in a lot of places. With Obama, I an optimistic that he will put more of an emphasis on diplomacy.

At the panaderia this morning, Augusto, my friend and owner, came rushing over to me to shake my hand and tell me how happy he was with the results. I don’t know any of my friends here who didn’t support Obama.

By the way, this is my 1,100th post and I’m still going. I’m amazed.


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