Juegos Deportivos Nacionales

By gregebersole

November 12, 2012

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, in the evening, I went with friends, Javier and Yenny to the last night of the Juegos Deportivos Nacionales (National Sports Games). There have been many different sporting events during the past week or so. The teams competing are from all over Colombia. The local team, Valle, won the most gold medals. Next year, the international games will be held here in Cali. After a long career as a newspaper photojournalist covering events such as these with long telephoto lenses and great cameras, it felt a little strange to take some photos from the stands with my point and shoot. Sometimes, I miss those past years, competing with my great photographer friends for that perfect or great photo. One that tells it all or one that has incredible action or one that shows raw human emotion. Anyway, here’s what I saw from the fans’ seats. Afterwards, we all went to get something to eat. We checked a place in San Antonio, but there were no tables available. The area near the park was extremely crowded due to the holiday today. We then went to Avenida Sexto in the downtown area to a new pizza place where Javier had eaten before. The pizza was good. I had two slices, one a vegetarian and the other had cheese and mushrooms only, I think. A slice cost about $1.50 each. Riding with Javier and Yeny in the car was interesting. Like all drivers here, Javier changes “lanes” (although there really aren’t any lanes) frequently, finding spaces between cars to keep going. If there isn’t space to keep going, he heads right up close to the vehicle in front and honks his horn. Eventually, traffic gets moving again. Colombians don’t have a lot of patience behind the wheel. They use their horns a lot and loudly if traffic is stopped. All in all, it was a nice and fun evening.

Javier and I were going to hike Las Tres Cruces this morning, but it had rained some during the night and the ground and streets were wet. I decided not to go since the steep rocky parts would be too slippery.


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