By gregebersole

November 13, 2012

Category: Travel

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Last night was a great night with friends at the outdoor amphitheatre, Los Cristales. It was the last night of the Cali international movie festival. Colombia’s movie, Chocó, was featured and the director and many of the cast were on hand. The movie was projected on a large screen. The sound was loud, but there were English subtitles. That was a huge help. I actually had seen the movie before in a theatre without subtitles. I didn’t understand a lot of the dialogue. After the showing, there was music featuring two kings of salsa in Cali, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz. As we were leaving after the concert, people were getting photos taken with the lead actress in the movie, Karent Hinestroza. Here’s a photo with her next to me and with my friends, from left to right, Viviana, Vera, Yenny, Lina and Javier. The lead acter, director and others were also around and people were getting photos taken with them. Afterwards, our group walked back to Calle 5 where they took the MIO home and I walked to my house. It was a real enjoyable evening. Before the movie started and while people were coming, classical music was played on the sound system. Cali has a lot of cultural events throughout the year. Movie festivals, salsa festivals, a jazz festival and a ballet festival to name a few. The whole evening was very well done. Colombia continues to surprise and amaze me all the time. I really love it here and life seems so normal. I don’t usually feel like I’m living in a foreign country. I can communicate with everyone in Spanish and they understand me. They also get my jokes and dry sense of humor. I’m lucky I have a small group of good friends here.


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