A Panaca pig

By gregebersole

December 6, 2012

Category: Travel

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I got a lot of portraits of animals at Panaca last Sunday. Here’s one of a pig. The pigs were all available to feed.

This morning, I went to my dentist. I’d had a root canal done and a crown installed several months ago. It has bothered me off and on and I prefer to chew on the other side. My dentist said there were a couple of sharp points on a filling on the tooth above the crown, putting pressure on parts of the crown. That was causing some pain. It wasn’t much pain, but it just bothered me. My dentist ground the points down a little and said to try it and see if it’s better. No charge for the office visit. We also talked quite a bit and I told him about my newest photo project idea for Siloé. He said that his wife is from there. He said she and some friends may be able to help me as I walk through the area and get to know people. They know quite a few people in the area. This may really be a big help. I want to be able to take some portraits of residents of Siloé. You never know where you’re going to get help or useful information in Cali. It helps to have a lot of friends.


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