Paint on a a wall

By gregebersole

January 17, 2013

Category: Travel

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I just saw that I haven’t written a post in over a week. That’s a little unusual for me. I think I’m finding it easier to just post a photo and write a line or two on Facebook. To do a post on my blog, I keep procrastinating. Also, things happen to me that are more personal and I don’t want to write about it. I’m never sure who all is reading what I write. So I’m more cautious.

Lately, I’ve been preparing to teach a course in documentary photography at the photography school in Cali. The director asked me if I would do it. He said my Spanish is fine. I can pretty much teach the course however I want. He would like at least 20 hours and if needed I can have 30. I will have some classroom time and time in the field photographing. We’ll have some assignments and the students will need to do a final project involving about 15 photos or so on a person, place or thing. Something that they wish to spend a little time on, documenting it. We’ll spend time in the classroom looking at all the photos and talking about them, the successes and the failures. It will be a great experience for me. Monday evening will be a meeting of the students and professors.


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