By gregebersole

January 28, 2013

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I went to Yanaconas with my good friend, Liceth. She called me Saturday evening to invite me. We met about 7:15 a.m. and walked to bus stop to catch a bus to the zoo. From there, we joined a lot of people to make the hike up to Yanaconas. The last Sunday of every month, there is an organized hike. The place is owned by Comfenalco, a large health insurance company. The hike was steep and hard. It took us about an hour or a little more. It was tough hike, like Las Tres Cruces, but twice as long. When we arrived, we were saw a huge place with many swimming pools, bathrooms and changing rooms, and a cafeteria. I changed into my swim suit in a bathroom stall. We then swam and rested in the sun for a couple of hours before going to eat lunch. When I looked in my shoulder bag for my shorts with my money, they weren’t there. I suddenly realized I’d left then on a ledge in the stall. My shorts with my cellphone, cedula card, money, keys, and I thought my camera. With my heart pounding, I ran to the bathroom and of course, they were gone. I looked outside in the bushes, thinking maybe they fell off the windowless ledge outside. Nothing. I went to the office where they check in bags for people and immediately noticed my shorts on the counter. The man gave them to me and I checked and everything was in all the pockets. I was so happy and relieved. Some amazing Colombian person had turned them in. I know there are bad people everywhere, but my faith and love for the Colombian people has never really left. In over 3 years, I have never been robbed. Sometimes, I complain a little about things that happy here, but I still love the people and this great country. We had a great lunch and then about 3 p.m. or so, we took a bus back to Cali. The company provided a lot of comfortable buses to take everyone back to the city. It was a great day. The views from up high of Cali were spectacular.

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