To Siloé with goals

By gregebersole

February 6, 2013

Category: Travel

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Last night, I watched the free movie at the library. They started a documentary series on photographers on Tuesday nights. Last night, the film was on Annie Leibovitz. It was very good and left me inspired. I couldn’t wait to get back to Siloé. I decided to go this morning. I spent about 2 hours there. My simple goal was to get 2 good photos. I ended up with about 4, I think. I had to talk to several strangers. Every time, after I’ve spent time talking with them and have got to know them and ask if I can photograph them, they always say yes. I saw this man sitting near the street, working on a puzzle in the newspaper. I stopped to visit with him. His name is Guillermo Harold Vidal. I learned that he is a photographer and takes photos of people in the cemetery in front of the grave marker of their loved one. He had a camera bigger than mine. He carried an old Pentax in a small shaving kit bag. It was digital, even though it looked like a film camera. He showed me a few prints of people he’d photographed recently. He told me he was 75 years old. I learned a little more about the other two cemeteries in Siloé, higher up the hill. He said he’d take me to them some day. I made several portraits of him. I plan to print one and bring it to him tomorrow.


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