By gregebersole

February 9, 2013

Category: Travel

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Last evening, there were beautiful, storm clouds over Cali. This morning, I had just finished my shower and dressed when the door rattled. I thought someone was jiggling it, trying to get my attention. I opened it and there was no one there. I thought that was strange and shut it. It still rattled. I opened it again, thinking we must be having a temblor. Then the floor started moving back and forth, vibrating for quite awhile. We were having an earthquake. I soon was checking the internet and learned it was a quake of 7.0 and the epicenter was in Yancuanquer, close to Pasto in Colombia. It was 77 miles below the surface. I’ve been in Pasto before at the Carnaval de Blancos y Negros. Soon all of my Cali friends were posting on FB about feeling the earthquake. It was also felt in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Today, I’m feeling a little disillusioned about several things. I’m hoping things will get resolved soon. This fourth year in Cali seems different. Well, I guess each of the other ones has been different than the others. Lately, I’ve been mainly focused on my photography, trying to get good photos in Siloé. Today, I haven’t been able to contact my friend there and he hasn’t called. I’m a little frustrated that we couldn’t go together today again. I’m resigned to going back alone on Monday and waiting for him to have time again to accompany me.


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