By gregebersole

February 11, 2013

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I went to Siloé again and alone. My friend hasn’t been able to go with me for a week now. My solo trips are getting routine. I kind of enjoy them. I also think I have been getting my best photos when alone. I am forced to talk to a lot of people and, eventually, get good photos. I decided to walk through the cemetery again. I met a man and talked to him about markers. He was friendly and helpful and told me where the oldest ones were and where the ones of the unknown people were located. There are many that contain a body of someone who was never claimed or identified. Before leaving, I came across these two women. From a distance, I quickly took three frames. I couldn’t interrupt them, so I quietly photographed them, then moved on. The woman is consoling the other. She is showing so much love and compassion for her friend. I felt sad for the woman who had lost a loved one.


One Response to “Compassion”

  1. Such sadness, but she has a good friend to lean on ><

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