A thirsty horse and a thristy man

By gregebersole

February 13, 2013

Category: Travel

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Another day alone in Siloé. I ended up spending about 4 hours there today. I only got a couple of photos that I liked. I came across this scene this afternoon. I took a few shots and managed to catch the man and the horse drinking at the same time. There are a lot of horses in Siloé. I like seeing horseback riders on the street and horses pulling wagons. It’s like the old west in some ways. Today, I also walked to one of the other cemeteries. It was about 8 blocks from the one that I’ve gone to several times. It was larger than the other one and on a big hill. I walked clear to the top and then back down. I spent about an hour walking around and looking at everything.

My friend in Siloé is not giving me much of his time lately. I’m not sure if he’s losing interest or what. Today, he gave me the name and number of someone else who could help me. I called the guy and he said he could meet with me on Saturday or Sunday. He sounded nice and potentially quite helpful. He also lives in Lleras where the 10 young “dangerous” dudes and I hung out for awhile. I want to go back there and show them my book and try to get a photo of at least one of them. They’re going to have to okay it and tell me how I can photograph them. I don’t want to put them in danger or me in danger. I’m optimistic about this new guy helping me, especially in Lleras. It’s an area up high and interesting. I’m hoping I can get some good portraits of people there. For now, I don’t mind going to Siloé alone, but I only stay in the bottom part, looking for photos. It’s hard to get many photos because I have to talk to people first, meaning that I have to start talking to a lot of strangers and explain what I’m doing and why I would like to photograph them. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy for that.


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