Another day in Siloé

By gregebersole

February 26, 2013

Category: Travel

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Almost everyday now, I want to go to Siloé. It’s my passion and work to get good photos from there. Yesterday, I wanted to go again. I had a goal of getting at least one good photo. Before I left, I wasn’t able to reach the soccer coach by phone. When I arrived, I tried him one more time and he answered. I decided to go and photograph another soccer practice. This time it was in a different area. I took a moto taxi up to the location. A short walk up a little trail and I arrived at the dirt patch which was the soccer field. The kids were great. They are getting more comfortable with me now. I ended up getting some great photos, including some nice portraits of some of the kids. This photo is from the soccer field, looking at a scene nearby. After a couple of hours when the practice ended, some of us walked together down a path. There was a goat with some long sharp horns who chased after the coach and a few kids, dragging his rope and part of a tree branch along. A few other kids and I ran down another path below, avoiding the crazy goat. When we got back to some main streets, I took a jeep taxi down to the bottom of Siloé and then walked home. I got more than one good shot. I think I have at least 10 or more that I like. Tomorrow, I plan to go back again. Today, I took a break and edited photos.


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