Soccer practice again

By gregebersole

February 28, 2013

Category: Travel

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Today I met Pichi at a soccer field in Lleras. I took a moto taxi up. The field was actually where I’d had sancocho and met my 10 “possibly dangerous” friends another week. While I was there this morning, a couple of them came by and said hello to me. Pichi told me that the other day at the other field, there were some guys that were watching from a distance. They noticed I had a camera. I guess Pichi was told and he gave them a tongue lashing. He said that I was his friend and not to even think about trying to steal my camera. Supposedly, they had some sort of weapon too. He said the field where we were this morning was no problem. I glad he’s looking out for me. We’ve become good friends. After the soccer practice, he invited me to his house nearby for a juice. I met his wife and daughter. I plan to make a portrait of them soon and have a large print made so they can frame it and put it on their wall.


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