Visits to Siloé

By gregebersole

April 2, 2013

Category: Travel

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In the last few weeks, I’ve been going to Siloé quite often, taking photos. I plan to work about another month yet before editing down my photos to the best 40. I will have my second photo exhibition in Cali, probably in June or July. I have a good friend who lives up high in Lleras, a barrio in Siloé. I recently spent 24 hours there, staying in his home, with his wife and young daughter. Although, my Colombian friends here in Cali say that Siloé is very dangerous, I’ve had no problems. I go to the bottom part alone, but only once have I gone to the upper part alone. Only once, late at night, did I feel a little uncomfortable. I was with my friend and he was getting a little crazy. He has always looked out for me and this evening, I felt I had to look out for him. I managed to get him away from a possible bad situation. I am getting more known in the area. I’m getting pretty good access and photos. This is a photo of one of the young guys in Lleras in the early evening. In May, I will be editing down my photos and starting to print large ones to be mounted on wooden boxes for the show.


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