Walking in alone

By gregebersole

April 3, 2013

Category: Travel

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Last Sunday afternoon, I wanted to go to Lleras, an area high up in Siloé, to watch the two final soccer matches in a league. I couldn’t get a hold of my friend, so I decided to go alone. I knew a lot of the young guys that hang out there and I figured I’d be safe. I found a moto ratón, motorcycle taxi guy, to take me up. Then, I simply walked up the sidewalk and to the soccer field and the clubhouse for the guys. The photo shows the guys watching the game. Most of them know me and I know a lot of them. We talked and I photographed the two soccer matches. The first was the semi final and the last was the final. I knew a player on each side in the championship game. Both matches were hard fought and ended up in ties, decided by penalty kicks. After the last match, a referee that I know flagged down a young guy on a motorcycle and he took me down to the bottom of Siloé, and then I went home. I was told by many friends never to go up high alone, but I did since I knew I would know people there. I had no problems.


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