Two meetings

By gregebersole

April 10, 2013

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I visited Belen, an area of Siloé that I hadn’t been to before. I took a few photos of some kids playing soccer at a school. This is a portrait I made of a girl in the area.

This morning, I met with the director of the Fundación Sidoc in Siloé. It’s a foundation that has many programs for kids, and adults too. My friend, Pichi, coaches soccer for them. We talked about my upcoming show and some of their projects. Some people with them are taking me to a few areas for photos later in the week. We also talked about me working with the kids with photography. I sort of committed myself to working with them in January. It looks like I could be changing my mind again and coming back for to Cali for awhile in 2014. I think it would be fun and interesting to help the kids with a photo project. I would still plan to go to Brazil in April or May of 2014 in plenty of time for the World Cup.

This afternoon, I had a meeting with the curator of the shows in the gallery at the library. He looked at the 150 photos I have saved as possibilities for my show. He really liked them. We decided to meet again May 1st. I will have about 2 more weeks to finish my photography in Siloé. I need to get some photos of women, which is what I’m lacking. Tomorrow, I’m going to photograph a women’s exercise class. The curator and I decided to have about 50 photos for this show. It will be my second in Cali. The show will be in July. After I finish with the photography, I need to edit down all the photos to only 50. Then in May, they will be printed in large photos and mounted on narrow wooden boxes. I’m excited about getting this done. It has been a great experience, working and photographing in Siloé. I’ve met a lot of great people there. It’s also been quite different than photographing in Bocas del Palo. But, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both projects.


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