Soccer practice in La Estrella

By gregebersole

April 11, 2013

Category: Travel

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This afternoon, I met my friend, Pichie, at the soccer field in La Estrella, high up in Siloé. I rode up on a motoratón, motorcycle taxi, like usual. I watched the kids practice and then play a game in the last half hour. I took only 10 photos. This is one where the ball was kicked at the goal and came straight towards me, hiding behind the narrow goal post.

Afterwards, Pichi and I were walking back to his house to have a cup of coffee before I headed down to go home to my barrio. We came across a friend of his, a guy I met before a couple of times near another soccer field. We sat and talked for awhile, watching the lights come in the houses below. It was a beautiful view form our area up high on the hill. The friend had a cute little puppy with him. After the friend left, Pichi turns to me and says, “he’s a killer.” Great. That’s just what I needed to know. By now, I have actually met several “killers” in Siloé. I have no reason to doubt that they are. I know Siloé can be dangerous. I also know it would be dangerous for me to walk alone in the upper part. I only walk there with Pichi. He knows everyone and is respected. He looks out for me and makes a point of introducing me to everyone. So, now I’m pretty well known in the area.


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