Correa and Astrid

By gregebersole

April 16, 2013

Category: Travel

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Last Sunday, I spent about 12 hours in Siloé. I had been invited last Thursday to go to the finca of Correa, and his wife, Astrid, on Sunday. Correa picked me up on time in lower Siloé in his old Renault. He stopped at a store to pick up something. He ran out leaving the keys in the car, trusting me, someone he’d only met and talked to several times. When he returned, we started the drive uphill, eventually ending up on a really bad dirt road. It was almost like a jeep trail. The car bounced along, as we climbed in places, quite steeply. Correa makes the drive down and up 6 days a week. He repairs cars and motorcycles from a spot on the sidewalk along the main street in lower Siloé. We got to the finca where he rents a home. There are about 2 other families living in homes, or more like, apartments, in a long building. There are horses, chickens and pigs on the property. I wanted to get a photo of Correa and Astrid. I shot one portrait of them sitting in front of their home and then they turned to each other and kissed. I quickly shot another photo. It worked out perfectly. Even the dog was looking at them, smiling. Later, they served me a big lunch of chicken, rice and a soup with potatoes and yucca. We also had fresh pineapple juice. It was very good. We had a great visit. They are very happy living where they do. He said it’s very quiet, with only the sounds of the roosters and birds. He tells me he has a happy life.

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