Reconnecting with Jessica

By gregebersole

April 16, 2013

Category: Travel

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A week ago or so, I was friended on Facebook by a Jessikita. I wasn’t sure who it was. There were no photos on her profile. I saw that she was friends with two other friends of mine with conncections in Bocas del Palo. I thought she might be one of the kids I know from there so I accepted the friendship. Yesterday, I was on Facebook when her chat window opened up. She said, “hello friend.” Well, actually, it was, “Hola amigo.” We started chatting and she soon said that she was Jessica, my friend. She asked when I was coming back to Bocas del Palo. Jessica was one of my favorite kids in the town. She was a favorite subject of mine for photos. She would walk with me around town, and also help me, pointing out good photo possibilities. This photo of her has always been a favorite of mine. Towards the end of my time photographing in Bocas, she stopped talking to me. I asked my friend, Juan Carlos, what was wrong. He said the kids were picking on her, accusing her of being my favorite. She was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to react, so she avoided me. I was sad to lose this friendship. So yesterday, I was so happy to be reconnecting with her again. She is now a student in Jamundí, a large town about 20 minutes from Bocas del Palo. She goes to school there in the mornings. We hope to see each other the next time I visit Bocas del Palo. I have an old point and shoot camera that I don’t use and I want to give it to her. She loves photography. And, if there is any way I can help her a few years from now, in order for her to attend a university, I hope to do it.


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