Angel Marino Quiñones

By gregebersole

April 24, 2013

Category: Travel

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This afternoon, I rode on the back of a motorcycle with a motoratón to Los Posos, to watch Pichi’s soccer practice with the kids. I really didn’t take many photos there at all. When they had finished, and Pichi and I were walking down, he pointed out the two guys who wanted to rob me another time that I had gone to the field. They were sitting together in the grass down a ways from the field. He said they were armed the other time and might be today. Later, when we were down a ways, a motorcycle with two cops went up the trail towards that area. Pichi said that maybe someone called to report them. He said the guys are usually up to no good. When we walked down further, I took a few photos of people. I took four photos of this guy above. His name is Angel and he’s 60 years old. The last photo was the best. After the first photo, he thought we were through. I moved my position a few times to get something interesting in the background. This one worked and he also had the best expression of the four. Sometimes, when I’m ready to go to the bottom, Pichi flags down a jeep taxi or someone on a motorcycle to take me down. With the jeep taxis, they charge 1,600 pesos. Pichi always asks me for 1,000 and gives it to the driver. I think he knows most of them and they always bargain down the price. The motorcycle guys usually charge 1,500. Today, Pichi flagged down a kid on a cycle, then asked me for 1,000 and paid the guy that. He’s saving me about 25 to 30 cents for each ride. Colombians are used to watching every peso and bargaining down the prices of anything. Part of the fun and excitement for me in going to Siloé is riding up and down on a motorcycle. The drivers usually ride pretty fast. The streets are narrow, steep and wind back and forth. The riders have to dodge jeeps, pedestrians, bicyclists, dogs and other motorcycles on the trips. The rides are definitely worth the 50 or 75 cents that I pay.


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