By gregebersole

April 26, 2013

Category: Travel

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When I walk around with Pichi in the upper part of Siloé in the afternoons and evening, we are always running into groups of young guys hanging out and participating in their favorite activity. He always stops to chat and introduce me so they know who I am. I always give my name and shake everyone’s hand, acknowledging them. By now, a lot of people in Siloé know me and recognize me. But, it’s impossible for me to remember everyone that I have met. Without Pichi’s help, I’d never get anywhere. I could never walk around alone in upper Siloé. At the least, I would probably get robbed by someone. And, I don’t want to think about the worst that could happen. Some of the guys that we’ve seen hanging out do not look friendly at all. Some of them, Pichi has told me are killers. I believe him.


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