By gregebersole

May 2, 2013

Category: Travel

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Today I had a meeting with the curator of shows at the Biblioteca Departamental in Cali. We met for an hour. This was about the third time we’ve met to look at my photos from Siloé. This time, I had several new ones. I had about 68 photos that I’d edited down from about 200 or so. Today we managed to get the number down to 57, but we couldn’t get to 50. He said let’s just do 57 instead. The show will be in July. It will be my second photo exhibition in Cali. I’m excited to show my photos from Siloé. I don’t know hardly anyone who has been to Siloé. My friends all say it’s too dangerous and they’ve never been there. Now, I have more work to do. I have to scan all the photos at 300 dpi and get them ready to be printed at 30 x 45 centimeters each. Then they will need to be mounted on narrow wooden boxes. I’ve really enjoyed working with the curator, Wilson Nieva. We’ve become good friends. He really liked the photos, especially since he, too, had never been to Siloé. This will be a bigger show then the one last year. It will be fun. The photo above is one that I’m considering for the announcement cards.


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