By gregebersole

May 9, 2013

Category: Travel

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Ruben is into sleeping or faking it now. For over three years, I have walked by this guy in the same spot. The story was he was going to read the entire Bible and then wait for someone to offer him a church and a preaching job. He would sit and read and write poetry from early morning until about 7 p.m. each day. Last month, he started spending the day standing, sometimes facing the wall, and other times, staring at people or waving his arms and yelling at cars. He has become more weather worn and now looks like a scary person. And now this week, he has spent the days lying on his back or side, sleeping or acting like it. I shot a quick photo as I walked by him yesterday. The writing on the wall I hadn’t noticed. Seems interesting next to him, “Fresh to death.” Every evening, he carries his large bag and goes somewhere for the night. Maybe a home somewhere. Interesting character! I don’t think he’ll ever get a preaching job if that’s what he really wants. He is not warm and friendly. Plus, his behavior is getting stranger.

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment at 8 a.m. for a complete physical. I had gone to the lab to have the blood and urine exams done Monday. Today, I picked up the results before my appointment. I like my doctor. I also went to him last year. Today, he said that my health is very good and all the labs checked out great. I was worried about my PSA and cholesterol levels, but they were okay. He wanted a few moles checked and referred me to a dermatologist in the same building. I went upstairs and they worked me in to a 2 p.m. appointment today. She charged me $30 and gave me a clean bill of health. All in all, I paid about $175 for labs and two doctor visits. I have no insurance in the states, so this was pretty reasonable for me. All the nurses and doctors I have had in Colombia have been very friendly, professional and helpful. The only bad thing is waiting for a half hour sometimes after the scheduled time of the appointment. But, that happens in the states too all the time.


One Response to “Ruben”

  1. I thought he was just the wierd preacher, How did you find out his name? Now you need to find out where he goes at nite. LN

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