By gregebersole

May 31, 2013

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I went to Siloé to get a photo and then watch the kids practice soccer. I’d asked my friend, Pichi, if he knew of any young girls with babies. I wanted a photo of one for my exhibition. It was something I didn’t have. He called me and said to come at 3 p.m. He had someone. We went to the woman’s home and I took a few photos. She was 30 years old. I really wanted a teenager since I knew there were a lot in Siloé with babies. We later found a 19 year old. I took a few photos of her and her baby in her bedroom. Then, down the street we saw a young woman with a baby sitting on the steps of a house. We talked and I took a photo of her. She is pictured above. Her name is Lina Alejandra Ossa and she is only 15 years old. Her baby son’s name is Juan Manuel Ossa and he is 9 months old. I never dreamed I’d come up with a 15 year old girl. She may have been pregnant at 14.


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