Jairo buys me a Pepsi

By gregebersole

June 3, 2013

Category: Travel

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When I was out walking yesterday afternoon, I heard someone yelling for me. Well, actually, just calling in a loud voice. It was Jairo, my homeless friend. I assumed he wanted a few coins so I went over. I usually give him my change so he can get something to eat. This time he said he wanted to buy me a Pepsi. He insisted, so I had my drink and sat and talked with him. When I got up to leave, he tried to give me a 1,000 peso bill. I refused it. He has a good heart. We have an interesting friendship and I usually don’t understand much of what he tells me. He’s very hard to understand. Other people have told me that too. I’m just glad I can help him somewhat and he has a person to talk to. He is always happy with whatever I give him.

Saturday, the finals soccer match with Pichi’s team from Siloé was cancelled. The field was too wet and muddy. It has been rescheduled for next Saturday.


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