By gregebersole

June 13, 2013

Category: Travel

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A few days ago, I was walking downtown and spotted this Jeep Willys wagon. When it was stopped in traffic, I went over and asked the driver what year it was. He said it was a 1950. Years ago, I had a 1955 wagon, just like this one, only a dark green. It was one of my favorite vehicles. I bought it from a friend of mine for about $125. She was a former girlfriend and lived in Boulder, Colorado. I used to take the Jeep to the mountains on jeep trails. On camping trips, if it rained, I stretched out my sleeping bag in the back and slept comfortably. In deep snow, in four wheel drive, there was no stopping it. I could fly through anything. While in grad school in Ohio, it basically fell apart and I sold it to someone who towed it away. It needed a new transmission and some other repairs and I was running out of money. I’ve always hoped that I could get another one.


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