A long walk

By gregebersole

June 19, 2013

Category: Travel

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Every day for me takes a shape of it’s own. I don’t plan a lot of things very far in advance. I usually go to the gym every morning and then the day goes from there. Yesterday, I decided to go back to DAS to see if my replacement cedula had come yet. I hadn’t been there for about a month. I think it has been at least 4 months since I lost my original cedula. As usual, I took a little bus to the migration offices for 80 cents. This time, after checking for for my cedula, they said they still didn’t have it and there had been a problem in Bogota. They decided to retake my photo and do all my fingerprints again. This time they said it should take about 2 weeks and they would call me when it arrived. We’ll see. I’m not expecting anything though.

Afterwards, I decided to do something crazy and walk all the way home. We’re talking about a walk of at least an hour, probably more. I had done it once before, probably 2 years ago. It was cloudy on this day so it wasn’t too bad. I passed this fountain along the way. This is only a part of the entire fountain. As I got close to downtown, about half way, I ran into a good friend of mine, Sandryta. We talked and she said she was on her lunch break. We decided to go eat together and had a nice visit. I often run into people I know when I’m out walking around. It was a nice break and then I continued my walk home, stopping in my barrio, not too far from my home, for an ice cream- my reward.

This is my 1,222 post. That’s a lot!


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