Yessica and Dina

By gregebersole

June 21, 2013

Category: Travel

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This is a photo I took of my young friends, Yessica, left, and Dina, during a visit to Bocas del Palo last month. Since I have a lot of new friends in both, Bocas del Palo, and Siloé, I now also have some new Facebook friends. Some of the kids on the soccer teams in Siloé have friended me. Also, Yessica has friended me. She and one of the guys in Siloé often get on an chat with me. I enjoy checking in with them on what’s going on. We chat for a half hour or so every once in awhile. Often, the Spanish is abbreviated and words are misspelled. It’s always a challenge to understand everything, but I do fairly well. I’m happy to be staying in contact with Yessica. She has always had a soft spot in my heart. She is the girl that I gave my Canon point and shoot to, the older camera that I didn’t use anymore. She’s always had an eye for photography and used to walk with me and tell me of good, possible photos. She was usually right.


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