The big moon

By gregebersole

June 25, 2013

Category: Travel

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Last Sunday was supposed to be the biggest and fullest, super moon ever. Ha! I was ready. I was going to go to Parque San Antonio for the photo. But then, a neighbor friend of mine said I could come to her house. She has a good view. So, I went about a half hour before the moon was to rise. Kony lives in a five story house. A really beautiful home. Her mother, grandmother and two children were there too. I went up to the balcony on the roof. It had a great view of Cali and also of Las Tres Cruces in the other direction. At the scheduled moonrise time, nothing was visible. We waited and waited, snacking on food that Kony made and drinking some great maracuya juice. Finally, I started seeing the sky brighten behind the clouds and soon the moon appeared, quite high in the sky. This was the first photo that I took. So much for the huge moon that I had envisioned. I remember that years ago, often I would see a very large full moon when driving around Portland, Oregon. I think in Cali it is usually not visible like that. It was a nice evening anyway. There was a nice breeze on the roof and it felt great.


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