By gregebersole

June 30, 2013

Category: Travel

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An early arrival at my opening was my friend, Alvaro, from Siloé. He sells juices on a corner in lower Siloé, the section called La Nave. I got to know him and would always buy a mango en leche from him, my favorite drink. He was also very helpful since all the motorcycle guys park in front of the store where he has his juice cart on a corner on the sidewalk in front. Those guys use their motorcycles as a taxi service, taking one or two passengers to various parts of Siloé. He would introduce me to the guys he thought were most trustworthy and loyal. I would use his recommendations and go with those guys when I needed to go to parts of upper Siloé. Alvaro used to be a preacher but eventually decided that he didn’t feel comfortable having people pay him to preach. He said religion is often too much of a business in some places. He prefers to make an honest living just making juices now. But, I think his spirit and message reach people now through his personality and through the friendships with the people with whom he comes into contact with at his juice cart. I’m glad I had the nerve one day to initiate a conversation with him. I’ve been rewarded ever since.


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