My photographer for the evening

By gregebersole

June 30, 2013

Category: Travel

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My good friend, Liceth, said she would bring her camera and take some photos at my photo exhibit opening Friday night. She took a variety for me. Later, we had someone take a couple of photos of us. We have been good friends for almost 4 years, meeting originally at my gym. Then, I found out she was a student at the University of Santiago where I was studying Spanish. She was working on a degree in languages and studying English and French. We starting meeting for lunch or before or after classes so I could help her with her English homework. By now, her English is getting very good. And, she says my Spanish is getting very good. When we’re together, we alternate between English and Spanish. When we chat on Facebook, sometimes it’s in English and other times it’s Spanish. It’s nice we can go from one to the other easily. I’ve really appreciated our friendship. She’s been my most loyal and longest friend here in Cali. And recently, she had a chapter in a University of Santiago book project. She wrote about two of my friends in Siloé. I provided two photos. She gave me a nice signed copy of the book, included a note that took up an entire page. I had given her a signed copy of my book of photos of Colombia a year ago.

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