Opening night for my second photo exhibition in Cali

By gregebersole

June 30, 2013

Category: Travel

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Friday evening was the opening for my second photo exhibition in Cali. It was held in the main gallery of the Biblioteca Departamental in Cali, Colombia. Last year, my show had 43 photos from Bocas del Palo. This year, I had 57 photos from the Cali barrio, Siloé. I arrived a half hour early, before the scheduled starting time of 6:30 p.m., and none of my three friends who had volunteered to help me had shown up. There were already many folks from Siloé there looking at the photos. Kids were looking to see if there were any photos with them. Some were disappointed, I’m sure, when they didn’t find any. A little later, my friend, Richie, came and quickly volunteered to help in any way. He promptly started pouring small cups of wine and serving the guests. I didn’t have time to do anything. I was too busy greeting my friends from Cali and Siloé and visiting with them. I also gave up the idea of even taking any photos. It was too much of a hassle. I think I took about 3 photos of my friend, Alvaro, from Siloé and that was it. My friend, Liceth, took some photos for me, including the one above when I was speaking. I was so happy to see such a good turnout and so many good friends. After awhile, another friend, Beatrice, said I needed to make a speech. I really didn’t want to. I said only if she calls the attention of everyone and introduces me. She did and I started to talk. The first minute or so, my Spanish didn’t want to flow very well. Then, it kicked in and I rambled on for what seemed like 10 to 15 minutes. A couple of friends said that once I got going, it was very good. I talked a little about doing the project, what it was like, who helped me and then thanking everyone for coming. It was a great evening. Quite a few people showed me their favorite photos and wanted to know the price of them. When we finally ended and the last of us left at 9 or so, friends, Juan Carlos and Liceth, helped me to take the leftover wine and cups to my house. Then we went to Tin Tin Deo to meet a few other folks for salsa dancing. After the long day and evening, I was tired and left the club early and walked home, after everyone advised me not to, saying it was dangerous. Well, I’d been walking Calle 5 late at night or early in the morning for about 4 years and was always very aware of who was around me and anticipating what to do in case of trouble. I always walk quickly and purposefully and no one has ever bothered me.


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