My Cali from Las Tres Cruces

By gregebersole

July 1, 2013

Category: Travel

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1234!!! This is my 1,234 post. That’s a lot. I never dreamed I’d still be doing this almost 4 years after I started. My first post was in August of 2009.

This is a view of Cali, from Las Tres Cruces, as I was hiking up this morning. Cali, Colombia, has been my home for almost 4 years now. I climb this mountain often. I love the views all the way up and down. In the distance in the photo, the statue Cristo Rey is seen. I’ve also climbed up to that statue once during the week of Semana Santa. This morning was cool and beautiful and I decided to do an early hike. I made it up Tres Cruces in 37 minutes and down in 32. That seems to be my usual time lately. I’m happy with it.

I have less than 6 weeks left here before returning to the states. I will be there for about 4 months this time. I have a lot to do there. I have a ticket to return to Cali on January 2, but I am still undecided if I will come back or not. It feels so much like home now, but I still want to visit new countries. I have been to 44 so far in my life, and there are still many more I want to see. I feel that I have accomplished a lot in my time here in Cali. Having my second photo exhibition here was very rewarding. And, photographing this project in Siloé, a dangerous barrio where most people in Cali haven’t been to was also rewarding to me. Gaining the trust of people and access to photograph was difficult. It took some time, but eventually I had really good access, met a lot of people and made many friends. Getting photos under difficult circumstances, made it all the better. Now, I really miss going to Siloé. I still go every once in awhile to visit some of my friends, but not as often as I had in the last 6 months. I have a lot of extra free time now which I will use to pare down my belongings and get ready for my trip back to the states.


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