By gregebersole

July 30, 2013

Category: Travel

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Last Friday, I went to my second World Games event, sumo. It was being held in a place called Coliseo Mariano Ramos. I wasn’t sure where it was, but I knew it wasn’t close. I had heard that the area was a little sketchy. I decided to take a taxi there and maybe try to get back by bus. The taxi cost me about 9,000 pesos, or about $5. I waited in a line about an hour or more, before we could enter. Once inside, we had about 30 minutes or so to wait. It wasn’t too bad. The place wasn’t real big and it was pretty warm the entire time. There were 3 classifications, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight, both women and men. The entire meet took about 8 hours. After eliminating a lot of wrestlers, they had semi finals and finals in each weight class for the women and men. After each final was the award ceremony with the medals. It was all interesting and I got some good photos from my seat, but after 4 hours or so, it was a little tedious and tiresome. But, the heavyweights were quite entertaining. The photo above was from the heavyweight class.

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