Another fireworks photo

By gregebersole

August 5, 2013

Category: Travel

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This is another fireworks photo that I like. I had three that I liked and the rest were not anything to special.

As of today, I have only 5 more days left in Cali. I’ve been busy trying to get things done. I have given away stuff and thrown away a lot. I can only take back to the states what I can get into my backpack and a large and small suitcase. I don’t plan to leave anything behind in storage this time. I may not return. I have a round trip ticket and a flight back on Jan. 2nd, but I’m not sure if I want to return for a fifth year. Lately, I’ve also been taking a lot of photos from my exhibition to Siloé to give to the people who are in the photos. They have been so happy to receive the photos. I’m happy I can do this for them. Today, I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned. It cost me 30,000 pesos or about $15. This week, the Festival de Salsa starts with performances beginning tomorrow at the Plaza de Toros. I asked for a photo pass, but I’m not sure if I’ll get one. I haven’t heard from the people yet. If not, I’ll just take photos from my seat in the stands.

I’m getting anxious to return to the states, but I’m also a little sad to be leaving Cali and some good friends behind. Friday evening, Sandryta and I went to see Javier and Yenny. We had a great time visiting, sharing pizza and Javier and Yenny’s Christmas present I had never got to them- a bottle of wine. It didn’t work out to go there at Christmas time. So eight months later, he and Yenny finally got their gift and Christmas card. I hope to also spend some time with a few other good friends here before I leave.


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