A little bit of fame

By gregebersole

August 7, 2013

Category: Travel

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Today, the article on Siloé and me came out in the Cali newspaper, El Pais. The reporter interviewed me about a month ago and a photographer took my photo. I doubted whether it would run in the paper, but the reporter kept assuring me that it would run. Well, today they used an entire page in the main section of the paper. The story was pretty good. There were a few things that weren’t entirely accurate. I think the reporter misunderstood a few things I said. One part mentioned that my friend, Pichi, and I were having drinks before he promptly decided to take me to get a photo of the 99 year old woman that lived in a dangerous part of Siloé. That wasn’t right. Pichi and I had been talking on the phone and he told me to come right away, that we were going to her house. Well, when I arrived it looked like Pichi had been working on a bottle of aguardiente for several hours, by himself. With the added bravado from his bottle, we were soon off walking very fast to her house. We found it without too much trouble, having to ask a few people where it was, then convinced her into a photo and in a few minutes, quickly hurried back to Pichi’s barrio. Nothing happened, luckily, on our little adventure. I could tell he was pretty uncomfortable going into that area. Sometimes, in some of the barrios, you need to get permission to go from one to the other if you don’t live there. Overall, I didn’t have too much problem with the reporter’s story. It was pretty good. I think he’s a good writer. It is also on the website of the newspaper. Today, I have had many compliments on the story from many friends, both in the states and Colombia. My website/blog had over 1,500 hits today. The most ever. The article listed my blog address so that’s probably the reason for the extra views. I also had about 5 or more requests for friends on Facebook. I don’t know who these people are. If I don’t recognize them, I won’t friend them. I don’t need FB friends that I don’t know.

In this photo, my homeless friend, Jairo, is reading the article. I gave him a copy of it and some money for food this morning. Later, in the afternoon, I ran into him again. He had cut out the photo of me from the article and was carrying it.


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