Salsa evening

By gregebersole

August 13, 2013

Category: Travel

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My good friend, Liceth, invited me for and evening of salsa dancing last Friday. She and I and two other friends, Nestor and Jimena, went to three salsa clubs during the evening. It was fun. I had plenty of dancing with both Liceth and Jimena. Liceth has been my best friend in Cali for almost 4 years now. She has been a true, loyal and faithful friend. We have had a lot of adventures together, including trips shared to Buenaventura, Panaca, Yanaconas, Fidelfia, Bocas del Palo, Siloé and more. We talk in either Spanish or English. It doesn’t matter. She’s helped me with my Spanish and I’ve helped her with her English. We have gone to a lot of movies together and several concerts. We’ve shared many lunches, cholados and other treats she introduced me to. I will always be grateful for the day she initiated a conversation with me at the gym. After learning we were both students at the University of Santiago, we met there often to visit, share something to eat and to help each other with our homework.


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