Last day in Arizona for awhile

By gregebersole

August 29, 2013

Category: Travel

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Today is my last day in Arizona for awhile. I leave tonight on a train heading to Los Angeles, then on to Portland, Oregon. I arrive in Portland Saturday afternoon. I have friends meeting me and picking me up there. I will go to Kalama, Washington, with them to pick up my car. They have been storing it for me while I was living in Colombia. I’ll spend the night there, then head back to Portland in the morning. I’ve had a great visit in Arizona, staying with my son, Dylan, his wife, Mary, and their son, Alan. I also got to see my friend, Chris, a couple of times.

I’ve been missing Cali, Colombia, and friends I’ve left behind. I always miss it when I’m in the states. And when I’m there, I miss things about the states and many friends and relatives here. It’s hard to have two homes. I consider Cali my other home. I’ve lived there almost 4 years. The friends in the photo above shared time with me at the salsa festival in Cali before I left there. It was fun. I miss the people in my barrio of Miraflores. I miss the owners and employees of the restaurants and panaderias I ate at. I miss my gym. I miss many other friends there, too numerous to mention, and especially my good friend, Liceth.

I plan to meet with a realtor next Tuesday and talk to her about putting my house up for sale. That is my last tie to Longview, Wa. where I had lived and worked for almost 21 years. I have many good friends there too, but don’t plan to ever live there again. As much as I love the Northwest, I am tired of the many months of rain. If the house sells, that will be great. I can then think about getting a small place in Arizona. Maybe a condo, somewhere to put my things and my car and stay when I’m not in Colombia or some other country. I’m a little unsettled about the future, but I trust things will work out and eventually I will know what I should do.


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