Train ride

By gregebersole

September 5, 2013

Category: Travel

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I’ve been bad at updating my blog lately. Having internet and time has been more difficult. The end of August, I left Arizona by Amtrak train for Los Angeles, then changed to another train from there to Portland, Oregon. I enjoyed the train ride. The regular seats were comfortable. There was a lot of leg room and the seats reclined a lot for easy sleeping. It was nice to travel at a leisurely pace. At any time, day or night, you could walk around. It was fun to walk from car to car and go to the dining car or the observation car. I met several interesting people on the train. Once, at breakfast I was placed at a table with three other guys. One worked in a skateboard shop, another was a real estate agent and the third was a vice president in a bank. We had an interesting conversation. I read quite a bit during the trip and slept a lot. I have now been spending several days in Longview, Washington. Yesterday, I went to The Daily News, my former newspaper employer, to visit staff friends of mine and soon I was asked if I could photograph a football game tomorrow evening. I agreed to do it. I am now getting paid as a freelancer. I used to do the same thing as a staffer for almost 21 years. It should be fun. I have to use a new Nikon, though, instead of a Canon camera. I used to love to photograph sports so I will really enjoy this.


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