By gregebersole

September 14, 2013

Category: Travel

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I have been in Portland for a week now. Several days, I took the MAX train into the downtown area from Beaverton. I like it. It costs $5 roundtrip. I can park my car in Beaverton and then not worry about parking downtown. I just walk where I want to go. This photo was taken in Pioneer Place Mall. I rode the elevator up to the next floor and took the photo looking down. Usually when I’m downtown, I eat at the food carts. There are many of them in a block square, all different kinds of ethnic food. I’ve had the rice bowl, which has rice, red and black beans, cilantro, avocado and a few other things for $5. I’ve also had Thai rice and curry and Indian food. Monday night, I plan to go downtown for a free concert by Pink Martini at Pioneer Square. They’re a great band. Then Tuesday through Friday I may be back in Longview.

I’m not able to sell my house now. I’ve decided to wait until next June and try to sell it in a month or two in the summer. I would have time and good weather to get it ready to list. Since my plans have changed somewhat, I decided not to stay in the states until Jan. 2. I now plan to be in Bogota on Dec. 5 and then head to Cali to live until sometime in May. I miss Colombia and may try to travel a little when I return. I can also save some money in the months I live there instead of the US, where it costs me a lot more.


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