Leaving the northwest

By gregebersole

September 27, 2013

Category: Travel

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Tomorrow, I’m leaving the northwest. I’ll be hitting the highway for Boise, Idaho, staying with friends over night, then continuing on to Greeley, Colorado to my sister’s place. It’s supposed to rain a lot this weekend in Portland. I’m glad I’m leaving. It’s been cold and a little rainy lately. I plan to stay in Colorado most of October or until the weather gets too cold or it starts snowing. Then, I’ll go back to Arizona until I leave for Colombia again on Dec. 4. I really do prefer warm and sunny weather. I lived almost 21 years in the northwest. I had my share of the long cold and rainy months.

I have a lot of good friends in both Portland and Longview, Wa. who I will miss. I was glad to catch up with then. I’ve had a lot of good visits and time spent with those friends. I’m also always glad and grateful to have places to stay while I’m out here. Hans Schaufus has been very accommodating. I’ve been able to come and go from his condo in Longview and sleep on his couch nights. I’ve had to suffer through Mariner games with him though. The good thing is, however, that he’s an expert on baseball. He knows all the players and what they do during a game. I’ve learned a lot from him. It’s kept me from falling asleep during the games which I normally would do. I’m also happy to stay with my friends, Pat and Leily, in Tigard, near Portland, Oregon. They have always opened their home to me, giving me a spare bedroom. I’m free to come and go as I please there also. I’ve also had wonderful Persian (Iranian) meals in their home. I am grateful for and enjoy their friendship immensely. It was also good to spend time with friends from the Portland salsa dance community, Jeremiah, Kerry, Teresa, Diego and Adriana. And, my visit with Dean and Caroline Wood and her sister, Joy Harris, at the Woods’ new property in the woods near Toutle, Wa. My visit with Cork and Sara in Kelso. And many more. I was also happy to visit with Pauline, a former girl friend of mine, shown in the photo above. We had a great time together, drinking coffee and catching up with our lives. Soon, I will be visiting the families of my brother and sister in Colorado and many friends in both Denver and Boulder.


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