By gregebersole

October 7, 2013

Category: Travel

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This is my friend, Willie Knierim. He was once my world history teacher in high school. I received a high A in his class. I had a lot of essay exams to write for him. I did a lot better at those than the exams where we needed to memorize a lot of dates. Since then we have kept in contact with each other. Whenever I’m in Boulder, Colorado, I go visit him. Recently, I went and we visited and looked at my photos from my Colombia photo projects. Then we went to lunch. A long time ago, Willie had lived in Cali, Colombia for a year and taught at a high school there. He also ended up coaching various sports too. We compare our notes of living in Cali. He even ventured into Siloé by himself when he lived there, just like me. His wife had died a few months ago after a long struggle with cancer. In the afternoon, I learned that Willie needed to clear out his attic to get it ready for a man to install more insulation. I offered to help. It turned into about a 2 hour project. Willie crawled around in the attic space, dragging things to the small doorway opening, and then I carried them down the ladder and stacked them in his almost already full of stuff garage. It was a lot of work, but I think Willie ended up with the worst part of the job.


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