Dallas airport

By gregebersole

December 4, 2013

Category: Travel

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This is my 1300th post. I think that is amazing! I’m amazed I could keep this going so long. Recently, I haven’t been so faithful, but I hope to do better. Right now, I’m sitting in the Dallas airport with a long wait before my flight to Colombia. After about 3 months in the states, I’m heading back to Cali again for six months this time. Last time, I lived there for 10 months straight. When I left, I told my friends I may not return. Then, after a month back in the states, I was already making plans to return. It has become my second home. This time, I don’t know what I’ll be doing. I think the time is too short to have another photo exhibition. I will definitely be doing a lot of photography, but probably mainly for myself. I also would like to travel a little, maybe some places in Colombia and possibly to Argentina. I’m anxious to get back and to see my good friends and enjoy Colombian life again. My time in the states has been great, but it costs me so much to live here. I can live in Colombia with so much less money. I’m just sitting here in the airport and thinking a lot. I have 6 months until I return to Washington to try to sell my house there. I decided it was not a good time to do it this past September. Better to wait for June and July. Now, I’m just thinking that I have 6 months to do absolutely anything. What can I do? I will just go to Cali and be open to anything that comes along. I’m blessed to be in that position, I know. Many people tell me they’re envious of my life. I know that I have had great experiences, made wonderful friends all over the world and have some freedom that they don’t have. Many are afraid to take such risks as I have. Many can’t because of their lives and situations, responsibilities. I know that. But, it still hasn’t been easy for me. I often wonder what the heck I’m doing just like anyone else. I still get down about things, too, just like everyone else. But, I have the faith that I’m being watched over in this life and that I’m meeting people and experiencing things for a reason. And so I wait now until I leave the states at 6 p.m., heading to my second home of Colombia, with arms open wide.


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  1. Way to go, Greg. Be happy!

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