Back in Cali again

By gregebersole

December 7, 2013

Category: Travel

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I arrived in Cali Thursday morning around 9 a.m. I took a shuttle bus to the bus terminal, then a taxi from there to my house. I’m in a different room this time. It’s okay, but the bathroom has some problems. Hopefully, they will get fixed soon. If the room doesn’t work out, I’ll look for somewhere else to live. In the afternoon, I walked to the downtown area and went to get a mango en leche at my favorite juice place. In the evening, I walked up to Loma de Cruz, not too far from my house. Here’s one of my first photos from my first day back in Cali. It’s nice to be back. Tonight, I’m going to the downtown area near La Ermita church to see the Christmas lights get turned on. This evening is also the time that families get together and light small candles and put them on their porches or in their windows. It’s very beautiful. I’m going this evening with my good friend, Liceth, and her mother.

Thursday, I also got hugs from at least three friends, Augusto from the panaderia, Jairo, my homeless friend and Lorena, an employee at Augusto’s panaderia.


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