Last day of 2013

By gregebersole

December 31, 2013

Category: Travel

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I walked downtown today. It was pretty empty. I saw this woman and her son relaxing in front of the church at Plazoleta San Francisco. The church was closed and there were only a few people feeding the pigeons in the plaza. It’s a good day to reflect on this year and to think about our hopes and dreams for 2014. Yesterday and today, I have been thinking a lot. I’m feeling a little strange in Cali. Nothing seems quite right yet. I’m thinking I need a change. I’ve been thinking of some travel. I want to go to Medellin in January to visit some friends. I’ve thought about going to Buenos Aires in February. It’s so close that I should go while I’m still in Colombia. I could also take a boat over to Uruguay. I would get to visit two countries that I’ve never been to yet. I’ve also thought I could go to Mexico in April and spend a little time there and then return to Arizona from there. Lots of things running around my brain right now. The time I spend yet in Cali will include more visits to Siloé to photograph the people. I want to continue my documentary work there.


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