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By gregebersole

January 2, 2014

Category: Travel

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This is Pablo, a friend of mine, on the main street in Nave, lower Siloé. This is a recent photo. I have visited Siloé at least 3 times since I’ve been back in Cali. I plan to continue going there to take more photos and to see friends.

With 2014 here, I’ve been doing some thinking. Maybe that’s good, or maybe it’s bad. I’ve reflected on 2013 and thought about my hopes and dreams for 2014. I’m back in Cali with the plan to be here until late May, when I will return to the US and try to sell my house in Washington state. But, lately, I’ve been a little bored. I have less friends here to see and do things with. I’m thankful for Javier and Yenny, who invited me to share both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with them and their family. I was happy for that and we had great times. I’m also thankful for my friend, Liceth, with whom I spent New Year’s Day. We also do a lot of things together every so often and visit on the internet. She has been my best friend in Cali for 4 years now. But about being bored, I’ve started thinking about some travel. Maybe a trip to Medellin where I’ve only been once, my first year in Colombia. I would also like to go to Buenos Aires if I can find a reasonably priced flight. From there, I could also take a boat over to the coast of Uruguay. These are two countries I haven’t visited yet, so it would be nice to add them to my list of countries visited. I’m up to 44 or 45 countries so far. I’ve also been reading up on places to go in Mexico. I’ve thought that since I need to get to Arizona in late May for my car, I could go to Mexico for a month before and then go either by bus or fly to Phoenix. I checked and the airfare from here to Mexico isn’t that bad. And, during the time that I plan to be in Cali, I will continue with as much photography as I can. So, we’ll see what happens, but I hope to have some changes this new year.


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