Huge gathering in Siloé

By gregebersole

January 7, 2014

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, by afternoon, I was feeling a little bored. I decided to walk to Siloé, partly for the exercise and partly to look for a photo. As I started walking down the main street in lower Siloé, I heard loud music and singing. I soon saw hundreds of people walking into a stadium. Along the sidewalk, there were many, many venders set up, selling food, clothing, books, cds and various other things. I joined the crowd and walked into the stadium. It was a huge religious conference or special religious event for the day. The crowd was very enthusiastic and emotional during the singing. I wandered around taking several photos. After a half an hour or so, when a speaker started talking, I left. By the time I got back to my barrio, Miraflores, it started pouring down rain. I ducked into my usual ice cream place for my favorite chocolate and brownie scoops and waited out the rain. I definitely wasn’t bored anymore with my afternoon.


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