Visiting my friend in Siloé

By gregebersole

January 8, 2014

Category: Travel

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I hadn’t seen my friend, Pichi, for quite awhile. He has become a great friend. I’ve missed him. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go to Siloé to see him. He lost his phone again so I couldn’t call him to see if he was home. I went to see Alvaro and had a mango en leche. At his corner, all the guys with motorcycles wait for people to take to where they’re going. My usual motorcycle guy wasn’t there so Alvaro picked a new one for me. I told him how to get to Pichi’s house. I know the way once I’m up in Lleras. He waited for me on the street once we got there so I could go to Pichi’s house and see if he was home. He was, so I stayed. Pichi was in his bedroom watching tv. He invited me in and we sat on his bed and talked for about 2 hours. We talked about our lives, soccer, our upcoming plans, the recent murders in Siloé, etc. We had a great visit and he fixed us each a coffee with biscuits. He wants to have me up sometime for a meal with his family. After a couple of hours, he went out with me and flagged down a passing motorcyclist and asked if he would take me down to Nave, lower Siloé. When we got down, I gave the guy 1,500 pesos, the common fare. About 75 cents. I then walked to my barrio and got there just as a heavy rain started. I ducked into my usual ice cream place and had two scoops of my favorite kinds, chocolate and brownie, and waited out the rain. When it slowed to a light drizzle, I walked home.


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