A trip to Bocas del Palo to see Yessica

By gregebersole

January 13, 2014

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, my friend, Liceth, joined me to go to Bocas del Palo to visit Yessica, my good friend there. Yessica had written me on Facebook and asked when I was coming to Bocas del Palo again to see her. Yesterday, it didn’t rain so it was a good day to go. This is the first time that I had gone alone, without my teacher friend, Juan Carlos. Liceth and I took the MIO bus to the end of the line, near Jardin Plaza. We walked a short ways, then found a small bus that would take us to Veraderas, a swimming pool complex at the intersection of the highway out of Jamundi and the dirt road to Bocas del Palo. At that intersection, we needed to take a motorcycle to the small river town. There were several motoratones, the drivers. They all wanted 5,000 pesos each to take us. That’s about $2.50. We soon found a guy that offered to take us both on his cycle for 8,000. So, we rode with him for $2.00 each. He was a good driver and no one fell off the cycle. When we got into the town, we went to Yessica’s house. She was there with an aunt and her sisters. We visited some, then went on a walk to see the new wetlands project. Later, we had juice in her house and talked some more and took photos. This is a photo I took of Yessica. She is 13 and starts school again in Jamundi,in a week. In the afternoon, the small “bus”, an old small dilapidated van, came and we took it back to Jamundi, where we caught another bus to Jardin Plaza. Then, the MIO bus to my barrio. It was a good visit and I got some good photos. The sisters asked Liceth and I if we would come back sometime and stay over night in their home and have a meal with them. We said we would.


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