Downtown walks

By gregebersole

January 15, 2014

Category: Travel

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I haven’t joined my gym yet. They raised the monthly rate from 35,000 pesos to 40,000 pesos. Like everything else, prices are going up a little. So instead of about $18 a month, it will be about $20 to $21. Lately, I’ve been walking downtown and back every morning. It’s about a half an hour walk each way, depending on how far and where I end up. I usually take a few photos on each trip. This is one from the other day. A man is putting up new posters on a wall along Calle 5. On the trip back, I usually stop at a small pandaderia I found along Calle 5. It’s prices are very reasonable. I can get a coffee and boiled egg for 900 pesos, or about 45 cents or a coffee and pandebono for mil pesos, or about 50 cents. The woman that works there is very friendly. She also sells great banana bread.


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