Another new time for climbing Las Tres Cruces

By gregebersole

January 25, 2014

Category: Travel

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This morning I decided to climb Las Tres Cruces. I wanted to see if I could beat my last time of 35 minutes up to the top. I decided to leave my camera at home and also, to wear my gym shorts this time. I pushed it pretty hard, not stopping. I was amazed. I made it up in 33 minutes. Two minutes faster than my last best time. But, it was hard work. I was breathing hard and sweating a lot. After my usual orange/carrot juice and carrot cake, I ran part of the way down. My time down was 28 minutes. I think that was the same as the last time. The rest of the day my feet were sore and I was tired. But, I was so happy for my time.

The photo I used was one that I took on an earlier climb this month.

I have now been back in Cali for over 7 weeks. It’s been boring at times, but I usually find some things to entertain myself with. In a few days, on Tuesday, my friend, Liceth, and I plan to take buses to Silvia. It will be a long day trip to and from Cali. There is a market Tuesday morning where many indigenous people bring goods in to sell. I hope to get some good photos. I’m thankful to have a friend who likes to go on adventures with me.

I have only about 3 1/2 months left in Cali. It’s a shorter stay this time. I want to be back in Washington by June to try to sell my house there.


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